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Belief says Devi Durga emerged through the assemblance of all good and exclusive powers of all other Gods for the puspose to end the evil. Being the mother of the universe, she remains unbeatable, believed to be protecting all humans from the evil - The Mahishasura.

In Bengal, Devi Durga is considered to be the daughter, the daughter who comes to visit her parents once in a year with her childrens. Her childrens are Laxmi, Ganesh, Kartick and Saraswati. These four deities are also worshipped separately not only in Bengal, but also in many places all over India.

Laxmi being the eldest daughter of Durga and Shiva, is married to Narayana, another \'Super-God\'. She is the goddess of wealth and fortune. She rides an owl. Goddess Laxmi is being worshiped after 7 days from Shasti of DurgaPujo.

Saraswati is the younger daughter of Durga. She is the Goddess of Knowledge(Vidya), music and dance. She rides a swan and Saraswati Puja takes place during Maghi Purnima (Falls between end of January to First part of February).

Kartick is the eldest son of Durga. He is the God of warfare and beauty. His \'vahana\' or carrier is a peacock. He is considered to be one of the most beautiful in terms of look amongst the Gods.

Ganesh is the youngest child of Durga. He is believed to the fastest writer in this world and is worshipped as the starter of anything. During a year, Ganesh is worshipped first, to ensure that he lets the Puja get going. Regarding his face which is that of a white elephant, the story goes that \'Shani\', who is the brother of Durga, was a God whose eyes are sufficient to behead one in just the first look. On Ganesh being born, Shani was so happy that he forgot about this and went to see Ganesh. Invariably, Ganesh was beheaded. Shani, on realising what he have done, consulted Narayana immediately and it was Narayana who told him to go in a specific direction and bring the head of the first thing he meets on his way, which will be remade into Ganesh\'s body. Shani found a white elephant on his way and brought the head of it to Narayana, who in turn, fitted that head into Ganesh. On being told by Durga that what will happen if people donot worship this elephant headed funny looking God, Narayan gave Ganesh the boon that Ganesh will be worshipped before starting anything, including the worship of other Gods. Ganesh rides a mouse. He is married to a BananaTree (Kalabou) In Mumbai, Ganesh Puja is celebrated like Durga Puja in Kolkata.

We, here in Durgapujo.com attempts to enable those who cannot be part of this festival for some reason or the other, to be a part of this huge activity.

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